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Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Light ON?

Just what is a check engine light and why does it turn on? Consider the check engine light as the sole means your vehicle has of telling you something isn’t right. From a gas cap isn’t screwed on tight, all the way to you need to replace the whole engine.

If either one of these things is happening or anything in between your check engine light can turn on.

Now that we all know it could mean practically anything. Below are a few of the top reasons that your check engine light has turned on. Then how serious it is on a scale from 1-10.

1. Your gas cap is not tight (0)

The fuel system monitors the pressure in the fuel tank. In any event, the pressure is incorrect it can set off the check engine light.

2. Your O2 Sensor must be replaced (2)

The O2 Sensor measures the quantity of oxygen which is not combusted in your exhaust system.

3. Catalytic Converter must be replaced (4)

This helps keeps our world clean by filtering out carbon monoxide going through your exhaust system.

4. Mass Airflow Sensor (4)

This measures just how much air flow is entering the engine to measure how much gasoline is required for your engine to run correctly.

5. Issues with Spark Plugs or Spark Plug Cables (9)

The Spark Plugs task is to light the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber. The discharge is given by the cables through the ignition coil and delivers it to the spark plugs.

You can take a deep breath, just because your check engine light is on doesn’t mean it’s more affordable to purchase a brand new vehicle. It means something in your car or truck requires some attention. Yes, it’s possible to be something more serious. However, the most common issues from a check engine light other than a loose gas cap. Are about the same price to repair as one or two car payments.

After I see the check engine light turn on, what is the next step?

First, screw that gas cap on nice and tight and see whether or not that fixes the issue. The next step would be to bring it in for an inspection and let us diagnose the issue. We have state of the art tools, which are exactly what dealerships use to find and diagnose the issue simply and effectively.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the right answers the first time, this saves you time and money. We hope this helps you worry a little less, and be more prepared when your check engine light turns on in the future! We also provide a FREE computer scan and advice for piece of mind.

If you have any questions or want us to diagnose your check engine light. Give us a call here at The Care Shop to schedule an appointment.

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We are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and very skilled technicians. This is a combination that our customers and even other local shops have come to appreciate, as we have a knack for solving even the most complex of repair issues. Below is a general list of the services we perform, for your specific needs please call us at 909.364.0444 to learn more.

Factory Scheduled Services

Maintenance is the key to avoiding higher cost repairs and ensures that your vehicle is running properly.

Smog Testing and Repairs

We do more than just Smog Testing, we also understand and repair the systems that cause high emissions.

Advanced Diagnostics

We've been there as vehicles have evolved and fully understand and can fix even the most complex problem.

Tune-Ups and Fuel Systems

Today's vehicles are complex, we understand this and will help you keep your vehicle running properly.

Batteries and Electrical repairs

Whether it's your battery, alternator or engine computer management system we diagnose and repair it.

Engine Repairs and Timing Belts

From timing belts, to head gaskets, to complete engine replacement, we do it all with factory precision.

Cooling Systems, Belts and Hoses

If your vehicle is running hotter than normal or leaking coolant we can help you get it running cool again.

Air Conditioning and Heating

We’ll help you keep your cool this summer with air conditioning and heating repairs you can depend on.

Steering, Suspension & Alignment

We'll get your vehicle back on the straight and narrow path with the latest photo alignment equipment.

Brakes and ABS Systems Repair

Your brakes are the most important system on your vehicle, we'll help you stop on time, every time.

Transmissions and Drive Axles

Take care of your transmission with regular servicing and it will take care of you for a very long time.

Exhaust and Catalytic Converters

Our environment really loves a clean and quiet exhaust system as it ensures a brighter future for us all.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Less down time, equals lower costs, we understand the importance of having your fleet on the road.

Muscle Cars & Hot Rods

We also work on older vehicles including muscle cars and hot rods providing the highest quality repairs.

Bumper to Bumper Service

We're a one stop shop! We're equipped to help you with all of your automotive service and repair needs.

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"Best shop in Chino!!! Friendly, affordable, and very knowledgeable. And most of all, they were honest, and didn't hose me on any costs. Definitely coming back whenever my car needs the service!"
Grishnakov S.
"Very professional, thorough and accommodating, esp. if I'm running late for my appointment with them. Mark takes time to explain everything and suggests ways to avoid unnecessary expense--I appreciate these a lot."
Brad J.
"Awesome Service! Been coming to the Care Shop for a few years. They always do great work at reasonable prices. Very honest when needing repairs, never try to sell you more than you need. Mark & Rose are really nice people and have great customer service skills."
Roger M.
"Mark & Rose & co. are just the best in taking care of my car. Mark takes the time to explain what they do, the mechanical aspect, and give me the lowdown if I need to be worried or not. And their prices are reasonable for the through attention they give to my car."
James S.
"My '05 Honda had a bad vibration under acceleration. Mark narrowed it down to ether the transmission or a half shaft. He was reluctant to fix both because of the cost I would incurre. I feel other mechanics wouldn't care and charge me for the biggest profit. Mark replaced the half shaft and problem solved."
Federico C.
"Always Professional and reasonable. The staff at the Care Shop always answer my questions and are extremely fair in providing my professional service at a reasonable rate."
Bob E.
"The Top Shop. A clean organized shop is a pretty good indicator of the operation. Honest, great communication, excellent work, on-time completion of work as promised and most of all, reasonable $$$."
Loren R.
"Always great service! The Care Shop always provides just what I need in a timely manner. The shop staff and the office staff (Mark and Rose) are great people and fun to be associated with."
Ray K.
"This place did a great job on my old truck. The recommended services were done at a reasonable price and the truck was done when promised. They pickup the phone when you call and have excellent customer service."
Craig B.
"Quality and Honesty exemplified. I find them extremely honest, they diagnosed a problem they thought it was, and then the next morning called me back saying they woke up early and thought about it and it was actually a less pricey issue to fix. I appreciated this because it was a tricky issue, and the initial one would have been costlier, so he was extremely honest. I've recommended them to many people so far."
Irene B.

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